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Align Gatorade influencers with nutrition. Make it captivating, keep it informational.

Surround was called on by the award winning agency VML to create a 5-spot digital campaign for celebrity sports influencers to share visually engaging nutritional information that helps athletes perform their best -while simultaneously telling Gatorade's brand message.

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5 Spots, Multiple styles of execution, one deadline.

How do you create different 5 spots using a wide range of creative tools within one deadline? The spots had to be visually arresting, engaging and informational. They also required using a wide spectrum of tools in live action and animation within one budget, one deadline.


Production pipeline + post pipeline = more creative

SURROUND constructed an efficient production-through-post pipeline that exercised our in-house post and VFX tools and allowed the agency and SURROUND to evolve and discover ideas along the way that would otherwise be out of scope.

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Mind Blowing CGI, Exploding Food, Stop Motion, Melting Ice.

We pulled the stops on photoreal CGI, stop-motion animation, timelapse photography, and on-set practical effects to blow up food, melt an ice sculpture, and create a photorealistic CG machine that runs off Gatorade.