For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Align Visine with late night binge viewers

Publicis Groupe called on SURROUND to create 75-spot digital campaign titled “For your Viewing Pleasure”. A sexy, tongue n’ cheek, red light district aesthetic that aligns Visine with the current trend of binge viewing. The spots played alongside season premieres of some of the most popular shows like Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, True Detective, Wet Hot American Summer, American Horror Stories, Real Housewives and films such as Captain America and Star Wars.

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75 Spots, 150 type plates. Demanding CGI.

75 deliverables with 150 type plates is a logistical CGI puzzle but it was the creative that needed to stay aligned with topical points in a show or genre. It was a moving target because you couldn’t give away plot points yet had to keep it relevant.


Create a 3d toolkit where assets can be shared across a network of CGI artist. Let the creative run free.

SURROUND’s versatile post pipeline was able to share assets in a way that cut down execution time. When a creative idea popped up between the agency and SURROUND’s Director’s Brad and Brian the team could quickly turn around over realistic neon signage typography and complex CGI.

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We celebrated the Binge. Reference the program with visceral creative and produced original situations in CGI.

We celebrated the lust of binging with a sexy, red light district sheen to play into the tongue-in-cheek, up-all night innuendo: “For Your Viewing Pleasure.” Ideas between SURROUND and the agency flourished and we created situations that could be used throughout the whole media buy regardless of show or movie plot points. We allowed our pipeline to work for us and the output met up with the demanding schedule.