For Your Viewing Pleasure

Project Description

This video is 1 of 75 that were made for this campaign. Please contact to see more.

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This 75-spot digital campaign is designed to play in between binge-worthy episodic shows and align Visine with binge viewing audiences. We used a sexy, red light district sheen to play into the tongue-in-cheek, up-all night innuendo: “For Your Viewing Pleasure.”

Constructed entirely in CGI animation –each spot is designed around a specific TV show or genre and laughs along side the viewer’s love affair with late at night binging viewing.

The challenge with the project was not just the sheer amount of 75 deliverables but how to quickly reference a topical point in a show or genre and speak to plot points. SURROUND worked closely with the agency creatives and managed to turn out some incredible visuals to meet the releases of topically relevant shows and films. We also created a versatile post pipeline that leans into our studio’s strengths to quickly turn around over 150 pieces of realistic neon signage typography modeled in CGI.

The spots premiered alongside season premieres of some of the most popular shows like Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, True Detective, Wet Hot American Summer, American Horror Stories, Real Housewives and films such as Captain America and Star Wars.

  • Director: Brian & Brad Palmer
  • CG: Gabriel Pulecio, Wei Lu, Wenting Wu, Weiling Neo
  • Post-Production: Surround
  • Editor: Brian Palmer
  • Sound Mixing & Composition: Al Boorman