They Might be Giants
Can’t Keep Johnny Down

Project Description

They Might Be Giants came to Surround with the 1st single off of “Join Us,” their first new album in five years. The album had already charted as high as #8 on Billboard and the band wanted a very a-typical video. Surround worked closely with John Flansburg [from the band] and developed an old school, street fighter concept. We were ecstatic to cast and work with the legendary, notorious actor Rip Torn who played the lead role of Johnny. Rip took the concept to an unimaginable place and it was a blast to work with such an iconic actor.

  • Client: They Might Be Giants
  • Produced by: Surround
  • Format: Super 16mm
  • Directors: Brad Palmer, Brian Palmer
  • Director of Photography: Jeff Kim
  • Producers: Brian Palmer, John Campbell, Sydney Buchan
  • Editorial & Finishing: Surround
  • Film Processing & Transfer: Technicolor
  • Starring: Rip Torn, David Jenkins