The Drums
Me And The Moon

Project Description

The Drums far exceeded Pitchfork media’s “Best Hope” band by doing it their own way and this video is good proof of that. When The Drums came back to Surround after their first collaboration together, it was decided that the best video concept for this song was no concept. The video features a random girl pulled off the street, the worst guitar solo ever, little to no lip syncing, an intentionally horrible landscape portrait, and a pineapple. As a result, the video was named Buzzworthy by MTV, adored by NME and the band’s loyal fans.

  • Client: Island Records UK
  • Produced by Surround
  • Format: Super 16mm Film
  • Directors: Brad Palmer & Brian Palmer
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Phillips
  • Art Department: Brian Tubbs
  • Editorial & Finishing: Surround
  • Editors: Brian Palmer & Brad Palmer, Jacob Graham
  • Film Processing & Transfer: Technicolor