The Drums
Forever And Ever Amen

Project Description

An enormous amount of buzz surrounded this band at the time they came to Surround and “Forever & Ever Amen” was the first proper video to launch the release of their highly anticipated self titled record which went on to peak at #16 on the UK charts. The video saw constant rotation on MTV UK, MTVU, and garnered viral accolades from NME and Stereogum. The success of the video also kicked off a great relationship with the band leading to a run of 3 video collaborations between Surround and The Drums.

  • Client: Island Records UK
  • Produced by: Surround
  • Format: 16mm Film
  • Directors: Brian Palmer, Brad Palmer
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Phillips
  • Art Department: Brian Tubbs
  • Editorial & Finishing: Surround
  • Editors: Brian & Brad Palmer
  • Colorist: Matt Rosenblum
  • Film Processing & Transfer: Technicolor