JC Penny

Project Description

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were fans of our music videos for the band The Drums, and wanted to achieve a similar look to market their JcPenney exclusive teen fashion line “Olsenboye.” This series of “Fall Back to School” short films gave Olsenboye a refreshing, hip, look that was more familiar to their youth audience. Mary Kate and Ashley were ecstatic with the outcome of the films which played in JcPenney stores across America and became a viral hit for the brand.

  • Client: JcPenney / Olsenboye
  • Produced by: Surround
  • Format: Super 16mm
  • Creative Directors: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
  • Directors: Brad Palmer, Brian Palmer
  • Producers: Brian Palmer & Brad Palmer, Tatiana Rudzinski
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Phillips
  • Art Department: Heather Thomas
  • Editorial, Animation & Finishing: Surround
  • Editor: Brian Palmer
  • Design & illustration: Brad Palmer
  • Illustration: Noah Butkus
  • Sound Design, Music: Tristan Bechee
  • Film Processing & Transfer: Technicolor