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Remy Martin + GQ’s biggest Influencers in 3 cities.

SURROUND was called on by Remy Martin and GQ Magazine to create a 12-episode series shot in 3 cities that integrates Remy into the lifestyle of fashion's biggest influencers.

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Organically align Influencers story with the Remy/GQ brand story.

Just because you have a large Instagram following doesn’t mean you know how your story relates to a brand. The series required a certain finesse to illustrate Remy’s luxury brand identity with influencers’ stories in a way that was true to both entities. The challenge is how to you keep these stories authentic?


Look past the Instagram numbers. Find the deeper story.

Our solution was to look past Instagram and understand what really drives an Influencer. We worked closely with the Influencers’ to draw out themes of luxury and associate their narrative with Remy Martin. We also designed our creative to align with production by shooting with a certain aesthetic quality that allowed the story to unfold organically.


A shooting and edit style that allows the subject to reveal their story organically.

Shot in Los Angeles, Charleston, and Brooklyn we developed a cine verte style of shooting and editing that allowed the influencer to illuminate their lifestyle and the brand’s values with consideration that they are not heavily experienced in front of a camera. With our methods on set and in post we gave the influencer time and space to articulate how they felt on a particular subject and embraced the inevitable stop start dialog that comes with subjects of this nature.